Meet the Team… is proud to provide both Sikhs and others from all around the world the opportunity to get well-designed karas of high quality. Even more so, we are proud to provide karas made here in Amritsar, India, the seat of Sikh history, culture, and home of the Golden Temple. It is our great blessing to live here and we hope to share this blessing with as many people as possible.


Parvinder Singh | General Manager

I have lived in Amritsar all my life and I am a teacher to all who are willing to learn and study Gurmat with sincerity.

I like working for because the Kara is a symbol of spirituality. I enjoy working from the heart for beautiful people from all around the world. It is another way to learn and to share. is like a family, and our customers are our honored guests with whom we can share our blessings.

Love and Blessings from Heart!
Parvinder Singh Khalsa


Jatinder Singh | Operational Manager

I joined the family when my brother, Parvinder Singh, went into partnership with Amrit Singh. They are both very strict about quality and service, and my job is to take care that everything goes perfectly. I love to be the bridge for the whole business and to work as a link between our employees and my seniors.

Love and Blessings from Heart!
Jatinder Singh Khalsa


Amrit Singh | Sales Manager

I am a Sikh, born in Germany, and have been living in India since 1999. I work at Miri Piri Academy (, a school that is dedicated to teaching kids and young adults from 8 to 18 to become whole human beings. We teach Gurbani, Tabla, Gatka, Punjabi, Gurmat, Yoga, art, and sports as part of our full curriculum.

I enjoy working with because it gives us a way of serving the community and sharing the blessings of living in the land of the Gurus.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Wahe Guru JI Ki Fateh !

Blessings from Amritsar,
Amrit Singh Reinsch



Pooja Vohra | Customer Executive
Contact No : +91-8054018906

I was born in Amritsar and since then I have been living here. Working with Miri Piri Academy and gives me the opportunity to meet different people from all over the world.

It’s a wonderful experience and I enjoy helping our customers. I feel globally recognized and linked as we have customers from almost 30 different countries.

The valuable support and appreciation of our customers help me grow better everyday

With Gratitude!
Pooja Vohra


Prayer at Golden Temple

In gratitude at the Golden Temple
Amritsar, India

Garden at Miri Piri Academy

The Miri Piri Academy
is a beautiful garden of learning.

The mission of Miri Piri Academy

The mission of Miri Piri Academy is to train future
leaders, teachers and healers through rigorous discipline,
quality academics and a strong sense of self.

Graduation at Miri Piri Academy

A Cambridge University affiliate, Miri Piri students
graduate independent, self-disciplined and inspired to excel.