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What is so special about a kara?

The Sikh Kara is a symbol of one’s unbreakable attachment to God. The kara is in the shape of a circle which, like the eternal nature of God, has no beginning and no end.

Originally instituted by the tenth Skih Guru Gobind Singh at the Baisakhi Amrit Sanskar in 1699, the kara has become a symbol of the Sikh brotherhood.

What materials are the SikhKaras made from?

The SikhKaras pictured on our product page are made of 100% stainless steel and completely nickel-free, unless otherwise noted. For those who wish to have karas made from iron, we offer all our designs in both regular and white, rust-resistant iron. Email  info@sikhkaras.com for a custom quote if you are interested in having karas created from any other metal.

Could I have an allergic reaction to my SikhKara?

Even people who could not wear other karas due to their very sensitive skin, have had great experience with our SikhKaras and can now enjoy wearing a kara every day. Our stainless steel karas are completely nickel-free, buffed and polished to their extraordinary shine without the use of chemicals or chrome plating. They are created to be hypo-allergenic. In addition, we offer a lifetime, 100% money back guarantee if you ever experience an allergic reaction to any of our SikhKaras.

Can you engrave different mantras or quotes on the SikhKaras?

Yes, SikhKaras is proud to be an expert in hand engraving. We put many years of experience to work in creating our beautiful karas, and most of them can be personalized with your unique engraved message. Anything that fits on a SikhKara is possible. Choose a kara with a flat side, either on the outside or inside. Choose any language. Add engraving charge for a name, date, or any 2-3 words, $29; 4 -5 words, $39; or 6-8 words, $49.

Adding personalization to your SikhKara will make a wonderful gift
and a treasured keepsake.

What if I want a different size? or style? or weight?

Yes, most things are possible. Because each SikhKara is handmade to order, we can offer customization. Contact info@sikhkaras.com with your special request and we will provide you with an estimate for your custom SikhKara.

Why are SikhKaras priced higher than regular Indian karas?

All our SikhKaras are made to the highest quality standards. SikhKaras with even the tiniest flaw get discarded or reworked before going out to the customer. This higher level of quality results in much higher production costs.

It is acceptable for non-Sikhs to wear a SikhKara?

Yes, definitely it is. The Kara is a universal symbol of the totality of God; free for everybody to use. Any Sikh who will see the SikhKara on you will be happy and proud that you choose to wear it.

What is the difference between wearing an iron sarbhloh and a stainless steel SikhKara?

The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan used to wear a simple stainless steel kara himself, and this was argument enough for me to wear a steel kara. However, my partner Parvinder Singh likes to wear an iron kara and this is what he has to say:

Iron has magnetic power and receives the energy coming through the Root Chakra. This energy is basic, pure and impeccable. Iron, as a natural metal, has an electromagnetic field which is capable of storing this energy and reflecting it back to us when we need to bring balance to our physical and spiritual health. It heals the subconscious mind, helps to strengthen the heart Charka and to have a blissful experience of the soul.

Which arm should I wear my SikhKara on, the right or the left?

As what we learned from SSS Yogi Bhajan, men should wear the kara on the right hand and women on the left. He says that balances the dominating hemispheres of the brain accordingly. Guru Dev Singh (Sat Nam Rasayan) wears two karas on the same hand. He says that that helps you to stay connected to yourself when you do a lot of healing work.

The Indian Nihangs wear their karas on both arms as they see themselves as not man and not woman, but as creation of God. That way both hemispheres are being balanced. Some Sikhs also believe that you should wear the kara on the hand you use the most as it reminds you not to do anything unjust with that hand.

In the end, I suggest that you try it out for yourself and wear it on the hand it feels better for you.

Production timings for different SikhKara of different metals?

  • 5-7 days for Plain SikhKaras
  • 8-10 days for engraved SikhKaras
  • 10-12 days for Iron SikhKaras
  • Special custom-made SikhKaras can take longer depending upon the order up to 20 days
  • Custom Black and Gold 6-8 weeks


Golden Temple entrace

Entrance to the Golden Temple
Amritsar, India

Our customers say...
Golden Temple

The customer service is outstanding!
The quality of the Kara is amazing!!
I needed to receive this within a short timeframe and you worked with me to ensure I received the Kara in time.
Well done for your commendable
service and product.

L. Baksh

Golden Temple

The kara I received from SikhKaras
is beautiful! It is so inspiring to have
a Kara engraved with a mantra direct
from Amritsar.

Darshan K.

Golden Temple

I received my beautiful kara and put it
on when I went to the Gurudwara. It
looks so amazing! I am sending my
friend your contact information who
wants to get one for her husband.

Preeti Nanvaan

Golden Temple

You are incredibly devoted to customer satisfaction. The bracelet arrived today -
it is beautiful. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity. Blessings to
you in all your pursuits. Sat Nam.


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